The Soulkicks are a high energy soul, funk and rock n roll band based in Toronto. The quality of their sound combined with their explosive live show makes The Soulkicks one of the best nights out you can have in the city. People come to see The Soulkicks to let loose, dance and appreciate the combined talents of some of Toronto finest musicians. The Soulkicks balance musical ingenuity with energy and style that appeals to audiences of various musical genres and tastes. There is a a bit of what you like running through every Soulkicks set and that’s what gives the band its appeal. With the wide ranging powerful raspy vocals of their charismatic frontman Sean Byrne combined with the energetic live sounds from the stage,  The Soulkicks have a well-earned reputation of creating a highly charged atmosphere where the crowd just kick back and become a part of the musical experience. From Toronto’s best live venues to festivals to private functions, The Soulkicks have such an expansive repertoire that they can step into any atmosphere, engage with a crowd, catch the vibe and fill the dance floor with a couple of bars of some of the most recognized tracks ever released. Too often live music can be a touch contrived and bland, the difference is The Soulkicks, bring what the audience demands to the table, then they just krank up the sax and bass and take it back to The Oldschool the way you like to remember it.


The Soulkicks story begins when Sean Byrne, an energetic and charismatic Irish soul singer new to the city and on the hunt to start his latest musical project, attended a show one night at an underground venue on King Street. So impressed was he by the dynamics and talent of the band performing that he approached the Toronto bassist Jesse Dietschi and together they drew up a blistering set list. Jesse himself a versatile musician and composer and master of the bass was also looking to move into the Soul and Rock n Roll scene and knew he could induct the right blend of crafted players to form The Soulkicks. They then drafted in Ian Mackay on Drums,  Ian who was born and raised in London, Ontario is the son of acclaimed London drummer Sandy MacKay. With a BA in Popular Music Studies,  Ian brings that great funky timing and velvet beat feel to the band. Ian also works with some other of the hottest acts in Toronto such as Basia Bulat. Next in was Tom Ionescu, Since he was a teenager, guitarist Tom Ionescu has been performing in Toronto and across Canada as part of various ensembles. Now, with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Jazz Performance, Tom is continuing to do what he does best. Aside from having taken on lead guitar duties in The Soulkicks, Tom also performs and writes for his own band, Jane’s Party. To complete The Soulkicks sound is an award-winning musician best known for his versatility with multiple instruments who is deeply rooted in soul, blues, and R&B music. Anthony Brancati is best known for his live performance charisma, multi-keyboard and piano abilities and his uniquely fast and soulful playing style often being compared to the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis and Ray Charles. Add to this tenor saxophone killer solo’s and powerful backing vocals and the lineup of The Soulkicks is complete.


With well over a hundred live performances behind them and having played all types of shows in many different settings, The Soulkicks versatile set lists continue to make them one of the most booked and popular bands in Toronto. The Soulkicks have the right blend of professionalism, excitement and fun. As you will see from their testimonials. The Soulkicks never fail to deliver. The party starts from their first note. And then, when the show eventually ends, you will immediately begin scheduling the next time you will see this great band live again.


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